Interface Statistics not correct

  • I noticed a view days ago that the Interface Statistics work not correct
    The packets in and packets out from wan are the same
    and also the packets in and packets out from the lan.

    But the bytes in and out are different.

    Attached a screenshot just after updating to:
    2.1-BETA0 (i386)
    built on Tue Nov 20 11:12:55 EST 2012
    ![Schermafbeelding 2012-11-20 om 22.32.30.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Schermafbeelding 2012-11-20 om 22.32.30.png)
    ![Schermafbeelding 2012-11-20 om 22.32.30.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Schermafbeelding 2012-11-20 om 22.32.30.png_thumb)

  • The IPV4 In Packets were also being reported in the Out count. If you had no IPV6 In/Out then this bug made the In/Out packet counts the same. If you had IPV6, then the Out Packet count was a mix of IPV4 In + IPV6 Out.
    See pull request for fix:

  • @phil.davis:

    See pull request for fix:

    That is looking match better :)
    Hope it will be updated with the next snapshot :)


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