SquidGuard problem

  • I'm new int this forum and i speak so little english jeje
    i have problem with squidguard, when apply the blacklist it blocks all and also the unrestricted ip's. i tryed to stop the service but it doesn't stop and still block all…
    i had to remove this package and reinstall the squid but when i add the blacklist and wait some minutes, it booom again...

    The target categories, it said none but i tryed to find for this target but it's not appear

    what can i do?

  • After you deleted the blacklists etc. please go to your Group ACL, edit the ACL and check that the targets on your "Target List" is "–-"
    Do the same on the "Common ACL" tab - set all to "---" and click save.
    Then on the "General Settings" click save and then Apply.

    Now all "old" blacklist entries should be removed.

    But I am sure you want to use squidguard to block something but you need to explain more, what you want to do, provide screenshots and or IPs which should be blocked or allowed and so on so that we can help you to configure squidguard.

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