Boot Issue w/Multi USB Flash Drives

  • This seems odd.

    No disk drive, no CDROM drive, 2 USB flash drives each with a different snapshot installed and different config.

    System boots OS (FreeBSD) from one device and loads pfSense from the other.

    Why is this and how can I make it load pfSense from the same device the OS booted from?


  • My guess is that /etc/fstab on both drives says /dev/da0 is to be mounted as the root file system.

    FreeBSD will enumerate the two drives as da0 and da1. Suppose you boot from da1 then /etc/fstab on da1 says to mount /dev/da0 as / hence you see what you report.

    Suggested solution: boot with only one drive plugged in. Other readers with more detailed information of the capabilities of FreeBSD might be able to suggest other solutions. On Linux fstab can specify partitions by UUID allowing partitions to be uniquely identified regardless of device probe order but I don't know if there is equivalent capability in FreeBSD.

  • Sounds like that is what's going on.  FreeBSD booting to one device, then enumerating the devices in a different order.  Such that da0 ends up being the other device.

    Anyone know how to force FreeBSD to set da0 to be the device it booted from?


  • Normally you use labels for these things.

  • @ermal:

    Normally you use labels for these things.

    Don't see how putting a label on the device will accomplish the objective of forcing da0 to be the device FreeBSD booted from.  Except of course in the case where the boot device also is the device with label corresponding to da0.

    All ears if someone knows how to do this.

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