Unable to install into harddisk using USB Stick Installer

  • I'm trying to install pfsense into harddisk using the latest AMD64 memstick 2.1 snapshot, but always stuck at 36% when running cpdup utility.  ???
    The workaround is I'm using the AMD64 memstick 2.0.1 release and then upgrade the firmware into the latest snapshot.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It may be something specific to your hardware. I just used the 2.1 memstick a couple days ago and it worked fine.

    We have seen that before, and it's usually something wonky with particular storage controllers and/or drivers for them.

  • I use Gigabyte GA-P61-S3 (Intel H61 Chipset) with Intel Core i3-2120 and 2GB DDR3 of memory. I also can't install from pfsense iso distribution. Always get error when mounting the root partition in CD drive.

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