Squidguard ACL problem

  • Hello,

    we have setup Pfsense with the captive portal + squidguard with category blocking.

    The captive portal is authencicating users trough radius.

    All is working fine, but we want to do category blocking with several ACL groups.

    the problem is the user auth in the captive portal can't be used in the squidguard ACL groups.

    i can only get it working if i enter a ip adress in those ACL groups, when i enter some users (management users for example) who can access trough the specific ACL (same username as the radius/captive portal user) this does not work.

    i can get it working with squid but then i need to enter a proxy in all our (150) clients and some tablets of which i am sure this will cause problems.

    The question is, can i get this working ?

  • Not sure if this is implemented in squidguard GUI of pfsense but have a look here:

    But squidguard GUI allows IP addresses as source and hostnames as source. If you know the hostnames of the users than add these hostnames to a group.

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