Is NAT broken on 2.1Beta i386 20121120-1214 ???

  • Hi…

    Did an update this morning , things looks fine but after 4-7 hours
      i didn't get any emails.
      Checked from the outside , no ports where open...

    I rolled back to 2.01 Stable , and NAT was fine again...


  • NAT definitely isn't broken. Not enough info to suggest anything from that.

  • built on Thu Nov 22 13:25:42 EST 2012 NAT has bug, but  pfSense-Full-Update-2.1-BETA0-i386-20121122-0933.gz  NAT seem is normal.

  • Hmm, similar issue while trying to get more in touch with virtio.
    Here is a virtualbox as pfSense with 2x e1000 and 2x virtio-net.

    To see if it was virtio-related I mapped both wan and lan to em0 and em1 to exclude vitio (modules are loaded though if that is of issue)
    em1 is a host-only network which means that host and VMs ( see each other - which allows
    me to isolate the network from the rest but still be able to manage my pfSense VM via local webbrowser (

    having a third VM that gets the addres via DHCP and pinging inside this network works, but a VM trying to ping
    outside this network can't get get out of this subnet. Interestingly

    The pfSense VM however can (the host too, well since he still has its native network where he can reach out)

    I have made sure the rules that would prevent private addresses are disabled.
    Interestingly the Debian VM does receive the lease but does not register a default GW, adding one manually doesn't fix the situation grmpf

    I'll revert to a pre 22nd build and see how this works.

    Edit: Testing with IPCop and m0n0wall shows that VirtualBox may not be the best way to emulate such networks, better off with something more real :-\

  • When I setup ipv6 NAT, all pf NAT down.  ipv4 NAT down also.


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