How to direct guaranteed services into limiters ?

  • Hi,
    I have created 4 limiters : up, down, upTotal, downTotal and I want to direct the WAN into the first two limiters and everything else into the others. But I don't know how to set rules correctly.
    Any idea or suggestion ?



  • You can put traffic on the wan if into limiters through floating rules.
    You need to select the wan gateway as well to allow the limiters to work correctly.

    I already have added validation for this on 2.1 but on 2.0.x might not be there.
    On the other WANs interfaces through floating rules you enforce the other limiters.

  • Thanks for your response but I've some questions.
    In fact I'd add a floating rule for the (single) WAN and set in/out to my down and up limiters but I have to set direction and I don't know how. Same problem with the floating rule for everything but the WAN.

    Could you be more precise (maybe with an example) ?

    Thanks a lot,


  • You should set the direction to out for the Floating rules.
    If you want to enforce incoming traffic as well than you can Just assign the limiters to the rules under each interface as needed.

  • Hello,

    I just set floating rules for WAN and others interface but it doesn't have the result expected.
    In fact, the bandwidth is too much limited but I'm looking for bandwidth guarantees.

    What is the key to have bandwidth guarantees ?



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