• How can i access to mi network with pppoe vpn turned on ?

    I have pppoe server configured, because pptp blocks the outing pptp connections, but i don't know what to use as client.

    If i go to windows / new connection wizzard and select "connect to internet" , etc , etc, like setting up a dialer for an adsl connection, i cannot specify the IP of the pppoe server in any place.

    In the other hand, search for a "pppoe vpn client" on internet is useless.

    Any ideas ?

    Tnx so much !


  • there is no pppoe server address required ppoe will work as long as the server and client are on the same subnet.
    pppoe works on a lcp which is a sudo layer 2 system

  • PPPoE is typical terminated by a small (home use) router.
    I don't know if it is possible by windows itself