Bug with pkg.php showing field values if field name contains underscore?

  • Is it valid to use characters such as underscore or dash in field names? I've been having problems with getting pkg.php to display values for fields whose name contains an underscore. If I remove the underscore from the field name, it displays the values just fine. No problems viewing or changing values from pkg_edit.php for these fields. Thanks!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There are quite a few packages that use _ in field names: unbound, varnish, squid, squidguard, etc.

    I don't see any current/active packages using - though.

  • I shall do more testing. The underscores seem to work fine in my field names until I try to make those fields visible in my pkg.php views. If I take out the underscore, the same field shows fine.

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