NAT and ISP Subnet when load balancing on pfsense?

  • I have a pfsense box that I'm trying to plan the configuration for. I am going to be load balancing two ISP's, each with their own /29 static IP subnet. The question I have is in relation to the way those IP's are associated with workstations on the local network.

    Currently I have some workstations with local ( IP addresses, and other more complicated workstation setups have their own public IP address. Some of the more complicated systems have a NAT 1:1 configuration where I forward a public IP address to a local IP address. Others however are directly on the ISP subnet and cannot be seen on our local network.

    Is this configuration possible with pfsense? If so, what terms should I be looking through the documentation for?

    Here is a simple/brief diagram of what I am trying to achieve.

  • This should all be possible. Bridging the LAN to a bridged WAN should be possible I am told, but I did not manage to get it working.

    The issue is in your diagram you lump all your devices together. You would need a separate physical interface for each subnet, or even better a VLAN-capable switch. It seems to me you need 2 WAN interfaces and 3 VLAN inside your network.

  • The pfsense appliance has 4 LAN ports available and it will be connected to three 42-port VLAN capable switches. Is it best to design it as a router on a stick, or to connect each VLAN to a pfsense LAN port?

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