Routing Public IP - The Definitive Guide incomplete

  • Pages 162 to 166 in pfSense: The Definitive Guide deal with Routing Public IPs. The configuration of the OPT1 Interface image is incomplete and the text does not address filling of the other fields. Also it does not state how to assign a virtual interface that has no physical port as re-assigning the same port (LAN) to OPT1 is not allowed which if attempted causes it to assign usbxxx0 interface.

    On pfSense Snapshots of 24th Nov 2012: (WAN IP at Site) (GW of WAN at ISP
    NetMask - LAN

    16 Internal PublicIPs (riding on the same physical LAN Interface ?)

    This kind of configuration is discussed in the ebook, but the OPT1 configuration is not discussed fully.

    Also when the config.goofed up, we reset pfSense to factory defaults that results the in the LAN IP being assigned as Since the main LAN we were working on was also in the same subnet with it's own router on a different LAN NIC Interface on the Control PC, it would have been nice to have an advanced type of restore to factory defaults with custom initial IP values and interface assignments.

  • What version of pfSense are you running? The book was written for version 1.2.3. If you are running 2.0 or higher, there are more options than there was in 1.2.3.

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