Is 2.1 stable enough to migrate?

  • I am still using the 2.0.1 of pfsense, which is the stable version of pfsense. It looks like 2.0.1 has not been actively maintained. I have files couple bugs awhile ago, but was not fixed since then. The 2.0.1 was release 12/2011, and was not maintained for almost a year. It seems like developers are mostly onto the 2.1 development. Does that mean I should upgrade to 2.1? I am not running my pfsense on corporate network, but just my home network. But I am really looking to see couple bugs being addressed.

  • A similar question was once asked:,28433.0.html

    2.0.2 should come out soon:,52810.0.html

    For most setups 2.1 works ok. If you have newer hardware or a bug which is a dealbreaker for you just check it out.
    I'd call 2.1 beta a lot more stable than releases of various other software developers ;)

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