Forwarding NIS Broadcasts

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am wondering if there is a way to forward NIS broadcasts with pfsense. I am considering using pfsense in a network where there already exists an NIS server. The NIS server cannot be removed or migrated at this time. The network is to be divided into three subnets, with a dedicated NIC on the pfsense box for each subnet. If I use pfsense in this scenario, is there any way to forward the NIS broadcasts? With Cisco it can be done using IP Helper similar to DHCP, but I see the DHCP replay is its own service in pfsense.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why not just put slaves in each segment, or tell the clients where the NIS is so that they don't have to broadcast for it?

    Forwarding broadcasts kind of defeats one of the reasons for a broadcast domain, or segment ;)

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