Proxy problems

  • I'm trying to set up pfSense and I have a problem with the proxy setting. The structure that I am trying to create a simplified looks like this:

    Internet-> proxy-> pfSense-> PC

    I'd like to make your computer when connected to the network is not required to set anything.
    Setting which allow you to use the Internet in the structure: Internet-> proxy-> computer are:
    Port: 3128

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • If you would like that connections from your LAN to the internet get proxied - this is the "normal" mode of squid and also called "Accelerator mode".

    If you would like to access your proxy from the WAN then this is called a "reverse proxy".

    Squid3 can do both. There are two different GUI entries. "Proxy Server" and "Reverse Proxy"

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