MultiWAN but on different locations

  • Hi:

    I am pretty new to pfSense. Just downloaded 2.1-BETA and running on two VMs. Apology if my question appears dumb.

    Before I ask the question, let me inform you my setup.

    1. two pfSense machines (say A and B) in different locations with the same ISP
    2. Web and mail services running behind the pfSense machine in virtualization (separate machines) (say C and D)

    What I am trying to achieve is:

    1. Failover of the two pfSense machines using openVPN/IPSec between A and B as if it looks like a multiWAN but glued using openVPN
    2. Loadbalance between the web and mail service between the mirrors (C and D)

    I read a lot of interesting stuffs in the wiki, but could not figure out how to glue two WANs in different locations using openVPN tunneling to make it look like one for failover and load balancing. Any input shall be highly appreciated! Thanks!


  • Netgate Administrator

    Define 'different locations'.
    If you mean completely separate places with no internal connection between them you can't have a failover scenario because it would require the VPN connection, which would also fail.
    You have just two VMs, C and D, in one of those locations?