Bandwidth consuming by host

  • How do I figure out who is consuming all the internet bandwidth?
    Is it possible to monitor in real time how much bandwidth every single host is consuming in LAN?
    thanks in advance

  • Can anyone advise which of these packages consumes the least CPU resources. I am running pfsense on a PII-350 with 128MB memory and CPU utilisation is already averaging around 60% when any significant traffic is flowing.

    I did previously try bandwidthD on another more powerful setup - but it appeared to "break" the existing traffic graphs - resulting in 503 error message when trying to view OPT1 interface - which did not recover even after uninstalling bandwidthD.

    Before trying again I would like to hear from anyone with experience of the various packages to try and determine the one to use minimal resources but still be able to give a breakdown of bandwidth use.


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