New router setup, specs?

  • Hi there,

    I am building a new router for my infrastructure. My wish for the specs is:

    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 (not a v2)
    RAM: 4x4 (16) GB DDR3 ECC
    NET: 2x 1Gb onboard and 2x Intel Quad-port 1Gb adapter (10 ports total). I also wanna add 2x Single port LX fiberadapters
    HDD: 2x Intel SSD's in a raid 1 with HW controller.

    So my questions are now:

    • How much can this beast route with BGP? We will have 2 links on each 1Gb coming in, and we will have a full BGP table (in Mbps/packets please). As for now we will route a /23 subnet and a /22 subnet, and several /28 subnets. I will trunk/bond this to a cisco switch.
    • I wanna use firewalling to block bad traffic, how much performance impact will this have?
    • I'm thinking of avoiding the fiber-cards by converting the optical signal to rj45 in my cisco switch. Anyone have experience with this?
    • What is the optimal space requirement? Would a space of 30GB on the SSD's be sufficient for an optimal router?
    • Which performance difference is there, compared to a Cisco SUP720 device? (just an example)

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