BGP and routing problems

  • I'm currently using pfSense in multi WAN - multi LAN setup and moving now to BGP with my ISPs. While configuration is pretty straightforward I've few small problem that I can't solve.

    1. I need OpenBGPD to listen on just selected IP addresses, one per ISP. Web configuration now only allows listening on single or all addresses. Any chances to support multi IP binding without either using custom bgpd.conf or enhancing php/xml code myself?

    2. Any chances for adding "depend on" to openbgpd_neighbors.xml upstream? Now I must add it manually each time openbgpd packages is (re)installed or updated.

    3. After getting BGP running (runs just fine with custom conf) I must drop all default gateways which were used for selected ISPs before moving to BGP? I'm unable to remove default gateway flag for WAN interface (first WAN ever created when pfSense was configured). How can I force pfSense to not having any default gateways?

    4. I need to specify static routes for some BGP neighbor addresses. Seems preety easy, but its not. First, pfSense doesn't allow setting static route for /32 (single address), /31 is max (fail). Second, pfSense only allows me to choose gateway through which traffic will be routed while I need to enter next hop IP manually and don't want to add it as next gateway into pfsense config just for single static route. Any way to setup static routes as I want them without using custom scripts?

  • There are memory problems when running BGP. Due to large routing table php memory limit is being hit when trying to display OpenBGPD "Status" tab or when trying to apply any DHCP change.

  • With full Internet routing table feeds, the status page won't work, you have to use bgpctl via SSH to get that information. Nearly all the BGP deployments I've done use the raw config option in the openbgpd package. The GUI is lacking unless you're doing really basic stuff. Hope to see the GUI improved with time. For now, for many things you have to use the raw config.

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