1:1 issues

  • Hi, I facing the network ip problem. i used 1:1 and configure virtual ip as well . these are server ip. this is the example

    a)external ip is xxx.xx.xxx.xxx is map to local ip
    b)external ip is xxx.xx.xxx.xxx is map to local ip

    when i type (a) public ip address sometimes will go the local ip which is point to wrong server. sometime will go to correct ip. Seems like the pfsense simply point to one ip address.

    what's wrong with my pfsense? anyone can help me ?

    my is 2.0.1 version

  • you might want hide your public ip's.
    And share what version of pfsense you do have

  • Still cant figure out the where is the problem :-[ need some advise pls

  • 2.0.1 version

    Should be moved to the NAT section, then.

    I haven't seen your post before you replaced the IP addresses, so they are supposed to be two different addresses, right?

  • There was two different public ip-addresses and problem was, that when you entered public-ip#2 machine behind public-ip#1 answers

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