Best package for bandwidth/usage reporting and monitoring?

  • I'm just wondering what the best Package would be to do the following:

    Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting on downloads (in kb/mb) per IP address on the LAN.
    Real-time bandwidth monitoring (in kb/mb) per IP address on the LAN.


  • darkstat or bandwidthd.

  • Do they both do pretty much the same thing? What are the advantages of each?

    (I did install both on my pfSense box, as well as Squid - but something caused problems (WAN no longer working) - so I formatted the box and started over. Don't want to install both again - so will work out which one to go with first, and install only it).


    EDIT: Do both of these packages work fully on 1.2 Beta-1? Bandwidthd looks like the nicest to use - how "stable" is it? I have read a few older posts on the forum about people having problems with it - are these resolved in the current Package? Or is it no longer being maintained?

  • If you use Squid as your http Proxy, you can install LightSquid as reporting tool for that. Pretty nice job, dvserg has done here!
    However, it can only report about squid's usage, not SMTP/POP or whatelse you use/allow.


  • Is Squid quite stable? I read somewhere else on the forum that it hasn't been updated for quite some time?

  • Can't complain about Squid.
    None of my boxes gets pushed real hard and up until now I didn't have any issues. I better shut up now, otherwise Squid might stop working tomorrow morning…  ;D


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