Packages not working in 2.1 - SOLVED

  • Posting for others to find a possible solution.

    I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 to get IPv6 support.  My ISP dishes out a /64 prefix and I wanted to use it.
    WAN gets a v6 address but it doesn't work yet.

    However packages would not list.  Available packages said "none available, can't contact, check DNS and gateway etc etc"

    A quick

    tcpdump -i pppoe0 port 443 or port 80

    while clicking "available packages" showed that the firewall was attempting to connect to's v6 address

    10:11:29.886561 IP6 2400:6900:3000:2:20d:b9ff:fe13:a364.25237 > 2605:8000:d:1::113 ecr 0], length 0

    which failed because ISP doesn't officially support it yet.

    However the package manager was not failing back to v4 mode.

    So the fix was to go to Services -> DNS then create a Host Override for and .com

    www  Alias for

    Once applied, the package manager was happy to use v4 IPs.

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