Limit per ip, queue for global and rrd for each ip in bridge environment

  • Regarded Sir,

    What I want to accomplish with pfSense 2.0.1 is this.
    First off all I configure the machine with  2 Ethernet cards 1000e in bridge mode.  One internal IP on the WAN interface for management True the bridge I shall made the management of class I create 2 pipes for each class of service 512kb-in with 512kb-out, 1Mb-in with 1Mb-out and 2Mb-in with 2Mb-out. The pipe *-in have destination ip/32 and *-out have source ip/32.
    After that I make the rule in the firewall in the bridge with limiters for each ip and I put to make logging (I assumed that this will create a rrd for each rule)
    Second I define 20Mbps bandwidth in the WAN and 20Mbps in the LAN.
    Third I try to make my own set of shaping rules for prioritize services but I failed and after I used the wizard multi WAN and multi LAN and I also failed because he can not apply the rules in pf rules (my assumption is he do not calculate correct the tree of the queues and the children). This is suppose to be done for all the class (but do not appear anywhere source or destination)
    Finally to add this definition to the rules in the firewall. In the wizard pfsense add the rules in floating rules. I add in the bridge rules the father of the queue for every rule. And I can not achieve my goal,

    so please help.

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