About to order another DSL line to do MLPPP

  • Hello everyone, I have been using m0n0wall for a long time but after seeing Budman talk about pFsense so much, I decided to give it a shot.. I got a Firefox x1000 and converted it over with 2.0.1 and couldn't be happier..

    I have Windstream DSL 12meg (its the fastest they offer in my area  >:( ) but I have recently learned about doing MLPPP.. I have talked to Windstream several times and it seems like their hardware supports it and told me I could do it but they would not support it. I will have two different DSL Lines, two modems, and two logins. I read the setup guide and it seems pretty straight forward.. My questions are, which link is going to be my main IP address.. can I order one link with a static IP and one without? Will VPN still work the same?


  • With MLPPP you have one login, one WAN, and you need your ISP to make changes on their end.

    So yes they have to support it in some way before you can get it.

    Do a general forum search of MLPPP and there are several guiding posts here.  Heres one I recently put up.  http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,56012.msg299466.html#msg299466

    It can be a great revenue generator for an ISP that decides to support it. You might mention that to your ISP while you sweet talk them.

  • @svfusion
    It definitly needs changes on the ISP end. MLPPP is some kind of LoadBalancing. Packets will flow over both lines and these packets must be put together on the other end of the line and vice versa. It is important that both ends are doing it the same way or it will not work.

  • oh, I guess they don't know what they are talking about which I kinda felt like may be the case.

    This is what they said when I asked them about MLPPP
    My guy says we will give you the circuits but not support the device. You would need to speak to the manufacturer of the device for that.

    Here is the email I received about the two logins..
    You would have 2 from us, one for each Windstream modem, then you would probably create one main one for the router that you purchase from the other company.

    Thanks for your help.. Looks like I got my hopes up :(

  • is there a better way to ask for this that they might understand?

  • Send them this-


    Let them ponder it for a day or so.

  • @svfusion:

    is there a better way to ask for this that they might understand?

    To the first level people you get on the phone? Highly, highly unlikely. If you can get escalated to someone that actually has a clue about PPP stuff, then maybe. Hopefully these are business connections you're talking about, much more likely to get someone competent then. Windstream does do MLPPP on bonded T1s at least, whether they're able or willing to do so on DSL I'm not sure.

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