Istatd what more can I view ?

  • Not that istatd is working and looking good on iOS
    I like to know that options I can add to view to match the system widget.

    The new IBM system I stared using today supports temp with I would like to see in stat too.

    What I can see now is:
    CPU usage
    Load average
    Traffic graf for WAN
    Memory usage
    (A block with some unknown stats: Page Ins - 0 - Pages Outs - 0 - Swap Size - 524KB - Swap Used - 0KB)
    and uptime

    If posable I would like to see the different parts of the HDD.
    Now it's only Free (27.93GB) and Used withs is always 0MB. Only Free gets smaller.

    Hope someone knows how to help/add this.

    Thanks in advance

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