Cannot add new WAN connections to LB pools…

  • Hi all,

    I've just added a few extra WAN connections to one of my firewalls. I've got some existing Load Balanced pools, so this isn't the first time I've set this up - the current config has a mixture of load balancing and policy-based. However, all I can see in existing pools and new pools is WAN and WAN2 (OPT1). I cannot see any of the new interfaces?

    The only difference is these two interfaces are DHCP rather than static. At first I thought the case was because it does some evil voodoo - it assigns the public IP address of the router to the firewall interface via DHCP. To eliminate this however, I have set it back to static private IP address, with a default gateway of the router. However, I still cannot see it in the list of interfaces available for load balancing.

    Any suggestions? I'm probably missing something obvious, but it is a Monday…. ;)



  • Forgot to mention that I was on 1.2 from April 30th, have upgraded to 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-07-01-2007 to test though.

  • Still not working.

    If I add a default gateway to my DMZ interface (OPT2) then it appears as an available interface for load balancing. Remove it and it disappears.

    The same doesn't happen with OPT3 and OPT4, which are the two new WAN connections. They just will not appear in the dropdown box. Both are statically configured with an IP address and default gateway.

  • Bit of a silly question, but have you enabled the interfaces as well (I ask because I have forgotten to enable and spent 30 minutes feeling very confused  ???)