• Hi All.
    I have two Dell R610 with quad igb card running as carp cluster.
    Both servers were up for 465 days.
    We made some network changes on the wan side like ospf changes. I'm not sure it's releated but year and a half of uptime.

    Since then the master server is freezing After a day or few hours.
    If the slave become master it will freeze as well.

    I have switched between master an slave and the problem is the same.
    So it's not hardware issue.
    Next I have replaced the igb nics with bce same freeze.
    Also removed lacp same freeze.

    It's not nmbclusters.
    I'm running i386 2.01
    The same thing happen with 2.1 beta0

    Any way to troubleshoot this?
    There is no panic no syslog nothing that I can see.

    Thank you all.

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