Cannot get to internet through Time Warner Modem

  • Have set-up a new pfSense router .

    Can ping the Time Warner Gateway IP but nothing beyond that.

    Any Ideas why it would stop there.

    I have set-up 5 sites in various states and they all work except this one.

    All using the same configuration.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • What is your WAN address showing in pfsense?

    I would disconnect the cable modem WAN port and reboot it without being connected.  Let the DOCSIS stuff link up and do its thing before you connect the network cable back to your pfsense box.  My TW modem sometimes serves a local address from DHCP if your router requests an IP before the modem boot up is complete.  This usually corrects itself, but is probably worth a shot.

  • Every time I've seen that specific symptom with Time Warner it's been because they screwed up the static IP config on their end in some fashion (happens way more than one would think). That's assuming it's the business class static IP service, and you have the correct default gateway and have it marked as default under System>Routing.

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