• hello

    in the pfsense.com site i do see that there is an assp module for pfsense.

    does anyone know how to install it and implement it in the webgui ?

  • I thought this package is not maintained anymore, they arfe looking for people who want to do this.

    I would like to see it also again, weould be nice.

  • It is possible to run ASSP on pfsense 1.2RC4.
    But you need some Perl Modules to do this.
    I have installed them so i´m no able to run ASSP 1.3.8

    Ok for those who are interested in an ASSP Package:

    Unfortunatly i have no Idea how to produce such a pfsense package.
    I´m currently learning how to do this so have a little patience…

  • Did you already made some progress on this ?

    Sounds nice to have.

  • No one should be running pfSense 1.2-RCs anymore.  If this package only works in an RC and not the final release, then that's a problem.