About the netmap,The high packet rates driver

  • Project summary
    The high packet rates of today's high speed interfaces (up to 14.88 Mpps on 10 GigE interfaces) make it very difficult to do software packet processing at wire rate. An important reason is that the APIs and software architecture that we use is the same we had 20-30 years ago when "fast" was 1000 times slower.
    netmap is a very efficient framework for line-rate raw packet I/O from user space, which is capable to support 14.88Mpps on an ordinary PC and OS. Netmap integrates some known ideas into a novel, robust and easy to use framework that is available on FreeBSD and Linux without the need of special hardware or proprietary software.
    With netmap, it takes as little as 60-65 clock cycles to move one packet between the user program and the wire. As an example, a single core running at 900 MHz can generate the 14.8 Mpps that saturate a 10 GigE interface. This is a 10-20x improvement over the use of a standard device driver.
    The rest of this page gives a high level description of the project.
    Transplant to pfsense?

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