Dhcp issue

  • This is my first post in this forum, i have server2012 integrated with dns and dhcp, problem is i have two scope in dhcp but the second scope not working even i disable the old one.

    Dc server lan config :-

    Old scope configured with range 7 ( / this scope working fine.New scope i configure with different subnet / . when i disable the old scope range 7 client getting limited access with yellow exclamation.

    any help would be great appreciate :)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    How is this related to pfsense?  If you are having issues with server 2012 you really should be on a windows support board.

    But if your dc is on 192.168.7 – and then you hand out clients 192.168.50 addresses, how exactly do you think they are going to talk to 7.200 for dns??

    If you want  to use .50.x as your range - then change your dc to be on that network, and I would assume your using pfsense as your gateway.  Its lan IP will also have to be on this .50.x network.

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