Squid proxy installation

  • Hi,

    I have a public ip of 203.xxx.xxx.35 and virtual public ip 203.xxx.xxx.36. When I don't enable squid and check my public ip then i get the actual (xxx.35) public ip assigned. But as soon as i enable squid with transparent proxy, it shows virtual public ip (xxx.36).

    Where I am getting wrong. Please help!!


  • This is how i understand it. Squid is based on Cache… So if you happen to change your Ip over, and then do say www.whatismyip.com the ip for me would be the same. But to check this 100% i logon to pfsense and check the system logs, and by default will say logon sucessful from IP..... Then you know for sure what IP your actually getting, and not a cached squid interpretation. Does that make sense? I hope that helps.

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