Snapshot builder dead

  • it seems no new snaps being baked since 30th november

  • Yup, offline for me as well. No new updates on the dashboard for a few days.

  • Hmm I remember my local building also had problems fetching from github since the hubbers had some problems  with their systems.
    In the meantime that has been fixed, the current build logs report this as the issue of the breakage. Maybe they simply stoppd until
    someone gives them some love before the restart building fresh images :-)

    I think the builders don't do a full rebuild of all ports for every run but only each couple of days (even once a week?) so I guess the builders did not
    (yet) run into the issue that made fetching the bsdinstaller from github not working because the URL went wrong (has been been fixed not that long ago).

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I show last snap of
    New version: Thu Nov 29 19:50:12 EST 2012

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Should be going again now. Something hiccuped on the network a couple days ago and it was just sitting there waiting. Normally it loops until it finds a new commit but for some reason it couldn't talk to github and just bailed instead.

    Some changes happened on the tools repo, too, so it may take a run or two to fix things up and get a good snap out of it.

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