Vm9 + pfsense + lusca cache how to setup Dual wan with usb broadband + iphone

  • Hello to all,
    I'm very new to this program and programing is my weakness.

    I want to setup pfsense with dual wan.

    Internet 1 = Usb broadband
    Internet 2 = Iphone internet thetring using usb

    Internet 1+2  –> Pfsense (running on VM) ->> physical computer.

    Is this possible?
    If not how can I setup like this

    Usb Broadband --> pfsense ---> physical pc ?

    I'm currently connecting to pfsense using proxy.
    If I understand it correctly, my current setup is like this

    usb broadband (physical computer) --> (PROXY)VM + pfsense + lusca proxy --> physical computer.

    I hope someone will understand on what I'm trying to accomplish  ;D

    If possible, I want step by step guide (basic)

    I have a computer background, Though I'm on technical basis

    Thank you again everyone