How to retrieve server and rules config (and post them)?

  • I apologize if this has been answered before, I did do a bit of searching.

    Whats the best way to obtain a "running config" of pfsense so it can be posted?

    I found the /cf/conf/config.xml but its huge with tons of <> that are not needed.


  • @hardware_failure:

    Whats the best way to obtain a "running config" of pfsense so it can be posted?

    It depends why you want to post it. The configuration file will go a long way towards helping someone else to configure a system "functionally equivalent" but that won't be enough to build a system that will be useful in another environment: IP addresses, network masks, interface names etc will likely all need to be tweaked.

    The configuration file may not be a lot of help to someone trying to help you figure out why your system is groaning under its load.

  • Thank you for your reply, but I dont think thats quite the response I was looking for.

    let me start over.

    Im having a problem with site to site open vpn.  Before I post my problem, I figure it would greatly help others assist me if I could copy and paste something similar to a 20-40 line cisco running config.  I do not know where to obtain this from my pfsense.

    Thanks again for any help.

  • Pfsense uses 1 structured config file where everything is stored.
    There are lots of command line tools to retrieve details of certain sections

  • The config.xml contains everything.
    From it the various config files for the services are built.
    –> The built openVPN config files can be found in /var/etc/

  • I was hoping to find something more consolidated to help me provide information for my problem which I have posted Here.

    Thanks for the responses/info.

  • What isn't clear with "The built openVPN config files can be found in /var/etc/ " ?
    Isn't this exactly what you were looking for?

  • More specifically I believe he's looking for the .conf files that are generated when setting up OpenVPN servers and clients.

    Run the following command in the GUI:  Diagnostics/Command/Execute Shell Command

    find /var/etc/openvpn/ -name "*.conf"

    You can then copy and paste the output to 'File to Download' to download and inspect them.

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