Dual WAN failover wirelesslink/OpenVPN tunnel

  • Before going through the configuration effort here's my question :
    I set up 2 pfsense boxes, both connected with one WAN interface to the internet.  Site A = main site (fix ip WAN) ,site B= remote site (DHCP WAN).
    An OpenVPN tunnel has been set up between these two, to connect LAN A and B.  Specific routing has been added in pfSense B to route certain non LAN A nor B IP's trough the tunnel to site A, as they should be routed forward by site A to other routers.
    There is a wireless link between A and B, and the speed of this link is superiour to the speed of the VPN tunnel.
    So, I would like to route all traffic from B to A by preference over the wireless link (for which I would make an extra WAN interface in pfSense B), and in case this link goes down, an automatic reroute of the traffic through the VPN tunnel.
    The failover option in pfSense looks nice, but for what I read, there is a load balancing over the different WAN's, what I would like is just use one of the two WAN interfaces, unless it's not up ….
    Hope it's all clear!


  • you can choose to go for failover or loadbalancing.

    you basically set a priority for a gateway, if gateways have the same priority (Tier) then you have loadbalancing.
    If one gateway has a higher priority over the other, then you have failover

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