Multi WAN+Single LAN firewall connectivity issue after a while

  • Hi!

    I have a pfsense 2.0.1 vmware box with E1000 emulated cards (2 wan+1 lan)

    Im only using NAT, routing, and IPsec connection with other firewalls. After a while (sometimes days, sometimes 1-2 weeks) all connection to/from the firewall is blocked.
    I cant connect to the web interface, every NAT is stopped too. I can use the console of course. When i try to ping anything except the firewall interface IP's i get the operation not permitted message.
    I cant ping any outside LAN or WAN address. Its look like every cable disconnected from the firewall, except its not.
    I cant reboot from the console. The box is trying to reboot but i only see a blinking cursor and nothing else. When i reset the virtual machine, the pfsense is booting up normal and everything is fine for a time.
    Im not have any special package, only the openvpn client export utility and the bandwidthd.

    Any idea what causing this?

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