How can I reach my DSL modem in bridged mode?

  • I have a fully working Multi-WAN setup between DSL and Clearwire on 2.1beta.  :)

    I decided to eliminate NAT on the DSL and CW modems, by switching to bridged mode, and this works fine.

    But I cannot reach the DSL modem directly.  CW however, does work, and all the rules are essentially the same between the two.

    For example, the CW modem is  And despite having a public IP for the WAN interface, the CW modem responds to  (I have a FW rule to ensure goes out WANGW.)

    The DSL modem is (Westell 7550) and is successfully operating in bridged mode.  But I cannot talk directly to, except by plugging directly into the modem with a 192.168.254.x address.

    I tried adding another GW on OPT1 to this IP, but I get this error message:
    The gateway address does not lie within the chosen interface's subnet 'x.y.z.0/20'.

    Private networks are not blocked.

    So, how can I connect to my DSL router at via pfSense?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Indeed it does!  I must've skipped over it since it's labeled PPPOE.

    Thanks!  :)

    EDIT:  Actually, the 2.0 instructions don't work.  It won't let me assign another interface definition to the same network interface.

    The following input errors were detected:

    Port ue1 was assigned to 2 interfaces: OPT1 OPT2

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