• I'm currently running 1.2 Beta 1, and I've installed the Stunnel package.  I can't seem to get it to work.  When I create the tunnel, I'm using a LAN address and a specific port for the "Listen on" section, and an external address and port for the "Redirects to" section.  When I check the logs I get the following errors:

    Jul 3 09:16:52 stunnel: LOG3[26066:134651904]: Error binding xxxxx to 192.168.0.x:xxxxx
    Jul 3 09:16:52 stunnel: LOG3[26066:134651904]: bind: Can't assign requested address (49)

    I'm not sure what the problem is.  Does anyone have any advice?

  • OK, I'm resurrecting this thread because I'd really like to get this to work.  So first off, if I set the "Listen on IP" (aka the "accept" line of the stunnel.conf file) for an stunnel config to anything except the pfsense box, stunnel won't bind properly.  So I changed the tunnel to basically accept the IP address of the pfSense box.  Here's an example of a tunnel I set up on the pfSense box:

    Listen on IP:
    Listen on Port:    999
    Redirects to IP:    biteme.someremotehost.com
    Redirects to Port:  2029

    In this example, biteme.someremotehost.com is a DirectConnect hub.  Now I go to my client PC on the LAN (which is not running any sort of stunnel client) and set up a connection in my DirectConnect client to point to  When I do that, the DC client sits there at:

    *** Connecting to
    *** Connected

    In the pfSense logs I get:

    stunnel: LOG5[12263:134766080]: DirectConnect accepted connection from
    stunnel: LOG3[12263:134766080]: SSL_accept: Peer suddenly disconnected

    And that's it.  The DC client just kinda sits there for a while and nothing happens.

    Does anyone have any ideas?  Perhaps I'm configuring/using this setup incorrectly?