Watchguard x550e / x750e UDMA CF-Card

  • Hello,

    i modded my Watchguard to support UDMA on CF-Slot.
    Quite easy … Cf-Pin 44 -> IDE-Pin 29, Cf-Pin 43 -> Ide-Pin 21

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nice mod!  :)
    Are those pins just not connected in the CF slot.?
    Does it make any difference?


  • The generic problem is that if you use this device with a udma-capable cf-card pfsense wont boot correctly because it cannot read the cf once it has switched to kernel-controller i/o.

    This is the case for many older CF-IDE-converters. I just used the information on how to mod them to mod my watchguard.

    I must say that i had no time to test it yet as i had not found a suitable cf-card in my lab, i'll test it tomorrow. But i'm quite sure this is doing the trick as its a standard issue with many cf->ide converter pcbs.

    (for example:

  • Hello.

    I now had time to test my mod because i need the box for a fair.
    It works as expected. Really huge improvement!
    The cf-troughput is much higher, the box itself acts much smoother.

    So i can only recommend it to everyone who is able to use a soldering iron.

    Kind regards, Stephan

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, that's interesting. What sort of pfSense install are you running?
    I had assumed you would running a NanoBSD image on the CF card in which case I would expect little or no improvement in the box performance. Maybe there is some other side effect I haven't thought of. Perhaps the switch to DMA mode off loads the CPU significantly?

    Time to get soldering!  :)


  • I'm running the normal stock 2.0.3 nanobsd vga image.
    The kind of cf-card is important, many are a bit slow.

  • nice one sub205.

    Have to remember this for the next Firebox i will convert  ;D

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