Disable NAT

  • Hmmmm is there an advantage to disabling NAT? Or am i not understanding the particular instance for doing this? I want this box i am building to firewall and route inside my network. I assumed you needed to have NAT enabled?

  • It depends. Generally you only NAT when going out to the Internet, where you have to do so. With the exception of where you have public routed subnet(s) inside your network, which most people don't. The automatically created outbound NAT rules don't NAT between internal networks.

  • Ah. so my internal network is all good because i have IP's assigned on each device?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes you are all good.  ;D
    Generally speaking disabling NAT is a more advanced configuration.
    By default NAT is only between external and internal interfaces. You would only want to disable that if you have a range of public IPs assigned to your internal machines.


  • cool thanks for the replies again. I am going to be so happy having this network down to bare essentials. One isp gateway, one router. I like SIMPLE.