FreeBSD axe(4) with Ax88178 and Ax88772 support

  • Hi,

    I have a D-link DUB-E100 USB nic (have no free PCI slots!) which dose not work in pfSense 1.2 Beta. I have found out that the current axe(4) driver only supports the ax88178 chipset and my USB nic uses the newer ax88772 chip. On the following webb page someone has added support for the ax88772 chipset. Is it possible to use this new driver in pfSense and if so how do I make it happen? I'm really a newbi (only used Windows XP before) so I need step-by-step instruction.


  • I suggest getting a different NIC, you'll be able to use that one in a future release. You would have to setup a FreeBSD system and build a custom kernel with those patches - not something someone that's never used BSD or Linux before is going to have an easy time with. If you really, really want to do it, spend some time reading the FreeBSD Handbook. It's way too involved for anyone to give you step by step instructions.

  • Ok,

    Thanks for your answer. If I understand you correct the Ax88772 chipset will be suported in a future relese of pfSense? I will try to get hold on a different NIC.

  • Most likely on FreeBSD-7, yes.