Can't get no email, or satisfaction

  • I am having difficulty simply getting email to come through to our Barracuda server.

    We have a block of 16 external IP addresses, let's say
    .97 is the router and .98 - 110 is my usable address range. I setup .99 as my mail address.

    The NAT Port Forward looks like this

    IF: WAN
    Proto: TCP
    Src addr: *
    Src ports: *
    Dest addr:
    Dest ports: 25 (SMTP)
    NAT IP:
    NAP Ports: 25 (SMTP)

    The Firewall Rules looks like this

    Proto: TCP
    Source: *
    Port: *
    Port: 25 (SMTP)
    Gateway: *
    Queue: none

    The Port Forward and the Rule are linked. As a matter of fact, the NAT created the Rule.

    I've poured through the System Logs but nothing appears to be hitting the .99 address, nothing is rejected, nothing is coming in though. If I watch on the

    If I do an nslookup with the type set to MX, the domain point prperly to and resolves to It is the only MX record in the zone, and it has a preferences of 0.

    Have I made a mistake with the interface, NAT or Rule? Any other troubleshooting that you would recommend?

  • I was JUST about to remove this, when I thought … perhaps others might have the same problem.

    The problem is VERY SIMPLE and this is the SECOND TIME I had to learn it.  :o

    When you have multiple IP addresses on a WAN, you must setup Virtual IP addresses in order to use them. Otherwise, pfSense is only aware of the Assigned IP address on the WAN port.

    Thanks for your patience with me everyone.