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  • Current version: 2.1-BETA0
          Built On: Mon Dec 10 08:45:07 EST 2012
        New version: Mon Dec 10 12:38:29 EST 2012

    Update source:

    I update but after it "installs" the firmware, it continues telling me I am still on the old version, and that there is an update available.

  • There can be a few builds in a day - depends what commit actvity there is on GitHub. Quite often you can update and find that 5 minutes after you update, a new build is out there (Murphy's software updating law). Now it is up to:
    Mon Dec 10 16:51:00 EST 2012
    So there are at least 3 builds on Mon Dec 10.
    If you care, you need to look in GitHub at what commits have been made and decide if they fix/enhance things that you care about. That is the nature of a Beta development.

  • Thanks for the reply. I do realize there can be multiple builds daily. I should have specified that I tried updating multiple times from my current version to the version listed. I'm just going to try to update to today's latest build. I assumed it would eventually sort itself out, but I did want to let the community know what was going on. =)

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