Verizon Pantech UML290 and public IP addresses

  • Verizon has stopped providing public IP addresses on both the 4G and 3G networks as noted here:

    This is an issue for anyone doing site-to-site IPSec or any port forwarding services (e.g. security systems, IP cameras, remote desktop, etc) who needs pfsense to have a public IP address. The solution is to subscribe to Verizon's static IP service for a one time fee of $500 (for up to 500 devices) as described here:

    However, if you are not doing port forwards and do not need site-to-site IPSec or other services that require inbound connections, you can skip the $500 static IP address service. Also, if all you need is site-to-site VPN (and possibly mobile), then OpenVPN should capable of traversing the private address space and may not require the static IP either (This works for me when 1 side of the site-to-site has a public IP and the UML290 does not. I haven't tested UML290 to UML290 with private IP on both ends yet).

    The configuration for pfsense is the same either way since the static assignment takes when the modem connects to Verizon:

    1. Set modem to preferred network:
    For 3G ONLY: CDMA/HDR Only & Rev A
    For 4G & 3G: CDMA/HDR/LTE Only & eHRDP

    2. Change modem to LAN mode:

    3. Configure PPP in pfsense:
    (replace ########## with your device's phone number)
    For 3G ONLY: username is is vzw/phone number is #777
    For 4G & 3G: username is is vzw/phone number is ***99*3#

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