Add interface : not reset all interfaces (and CARP)

  • Hi

    I just need to add 2 more VLAN interfaces in my CARP PFsense cluster. Each time I add an interface, all the others are dropped and CARP doesn't know who is the master.
    If I disable the CARP before doing the intervention on the master, it is restarted when the interfaces goes up and put the slave in a unknown mode…

    Is it possible to :

    • Don't re-activate CARP until a reboot/a manual ask if I shutdown it
    • Don't reset all the interfaces when we add just one ? (and probably delete one, but I don't test)

    Thanks !

  • Normally that is a driver issue outside of pfSense control.
    Usually the driver brings all links down and then up during that.

    Not sure what issue with carp you are talking about but not enough information here for that.

  • HI Ermal, thanks to your reply.

    When I disable CARP manually, if I add a new interface, the driver restart the interface completely. And CARP restart too. I would like to know if it can stay down until I restart it manually.

  • Normally that is what you expect from pfSense to do, handle things automagically.
    Most of the firewalls outthere have this kind of issues with HA.

    What you can do is disable the synchronization and promote your master to slave by changing the skew.
    Do the changes, and promote to master and activate synchronization.

    Since its driver dependent its a bit tricky to fix this behavior.
    Though if you want can report in the issue and maybe it will be fixed during time.

  • Here is the issue :

    Thanks !

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