Randomly crashes every few mins

  • All,
    i've been using PFsense for couple of yrs now. Recently it's been crashing more often. it used to crash once in every 30days or so since i upgraded to 2.0.1 But today it crashed every 10mins since morning. I can't get my head around with it. please help. here is the crash report
    **Filename: /var/crash/info.11
    Dump header from device /dev/ad0s1b
      Architecture: i386
      Architecture Version: 1
      Dump Length: 75264B (0 MB)
      Blocksize: 512
      Dumptime: Wed Dec 12 11:37:37 2012
      Hostname: pfsense.efc-aberdeen.com
      Magic: FreeBSD Text Dump
      Version String: FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p6 #1: Mon Dec 12 18:21:58 EST 2011
      Panic String: Most recently used by mbuf_tag

    Dump Parity: 3865508659
      Bounds: 11
      Dump Status: good**

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not enough info in just that part of the report (need to see the full/complete one) - but just a guess, as it's mentioning mbufs, you may be running short of mbufs and need to tune some things:


    In particular, look at the nmbclusters change suggested on that page.

  • sorry, cant see crash report now. i will upload the entire report when see it next time. Mean while, I've been using an old PC with one on-board NIC and a realtek NIC. do you think upgrading WAN NIC card to 1gbps intel card will resolve the issue??

  • Netgate Administrator

    What hardware are you using currently? The more details you give us the more likely we are spot any clues.

    However my first thought would be: hardware and software is unchanged but crashes are becoming more frequent, points to some failing hardware. Possibly bad RAM or PSU?


  • alright, that was stable for almost 33 days and crashed again today. It is intel celeron processor with 2GB RAM (upraded from 1GB).

  • @jai23155:

    alright, that was stable for almost 33 days and crashed again today.

    Crash report?
    Power dip?

    This crash isn't necessarily related to previous crashes you reported. Any additional information you can provide MIGHT give a clue leading to discovery of the cause of the crash.

  • Looking at crash reports from the IP you're posting from, you're running a developer kernel. That will panic at times when it doesn't really need to, which appears to be what's happening there. Run the standard SMP kernel and I suspect you'll be fine, doesn't look to be a hardware problem from the crash reports.

  • Thanks cmb, i guess i need to switch to uni-processor kernel.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We no longer include a uniprocessor kernel. You'll want to use the SMP kernel.

  • Cmb, sorry for the late reply but that did the trick. how do i mark it as answer?

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