• Hello
    i would like something new to be added for PfSense probly eveythink this is useless but i think it could come handy for some.
    I want some kind of menu or something when login to SSH on the firewall where you could put computers online on same network as the Firewall this could be done with WOL and maybe you could do so you can add computers and ips into a list via the GUI?

    Have a wonderfullday and thanks for a great Firewall

  • in the gui look under services -> Wake On LAn ;)

  • wow haha i didn't even it did exisited thats cool thank you very much

    Have a wonderfull day!

  • And from  Diagnostics | DHCP leases  you can do this immediately by hitting the MAC address field.

  • thanks for the tips everyone this would be very nice hehe thanks very much!!!