Multicast issue..

  • Good day,

    there is my setup before going further..

    I have FTTH at home. My ISP provide me a ONT, with "their" router to use. I'm plugging normally my pc and iptv box to it. I know it use Vlan35 for pppoe and vlan36 for iptv.

    Tonight, with pfsence, I was able to setup the wan connection to use both vlan, and get them working. I create a wan interface named WANINET for my pppoe connection, and WANIPTV for my Iptv stream.

    I added, in the route, a route for the multicast and 10.x subnet to go through the WANIPTV port.. I also setted up the IGMP proxy, and added 2 rules in the FW to allow traffic ( and to the WANIPTV network..

    My internet connection work, and IPTV too.. im able to watch tv, all channels.. BUT.. only one thing.. after 10 seconds, the TV tell me that there is a loss of signal. I change channel and it come back, for another 10 seconds..

    Where can I look for that?

    Thanks a lot,

  • let me first say, that i have no clue how to fix the issue you are having. (it could be lots of things that only a packet capture could provide an answer)

    however …. do you really need to route that iptv vlan ? have you considered bridging the iptv-wan to the iptv-lan. i can't guarantee this will work, but i figure it's worth a shot.
    That way you eliminate possible issues with, for example, igmp-proxy

  • I just tried.. no succes.. even worse.. no stream at all..

    im back to 0.. i only have 10 seconds stream..

  • I did a packet capture.. i didnt found anything.. and somebody told me mtu can affect.. how to find the right value?

    If anyone can help, i can post the capture file.

  • I saw it. But i cant ping the ip on the iptv network

  • I tought about one thing… is that possible that the "firewall" is acting on the IPTV Interface?  if so, how can I disable it on that interface and leave it only on the Internet Wan PPPoE Interface?

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