• hi, i'm trying to setup a dual wan. i installed 1.0.1 snapshot 07-04-2007, but when i go to load balance page, there's no option for load balance / failover. there's no behavior option either. is this normal? how can i setup load balance or failover if i don't have these options?

    thank you so much for all of your incoming answers :)

  • Have you followed the Wiki page here:

    or better for getting started, this one:

    This later one though isn't complete for the extra stuff yet….

  • thanks pootle. yup i followed everything but there's no behavior option under my load balance page. anybody here can give me a snapshot with this feature (loadbalance and failover)? it would be greatly appreciated :)

    i installed the 1.2 beta and the behavior option under the load balance page was there. and i was able to load balance and fail over my connections successfuly. but this is still in its beta stage and i'm a bit nervous that something might go wrong in the middle of important things that are being done.  ;D

  • Load balance came in after 1.1, so it needed 1.1 plus updates to around mid January I think to get it.

    I think you're better off with a recent 1.2 beta - its been around for a while now, and it has certainly been stable for me, plus has lots of things fixed and improved (like sticky sessions for load balance)

  • oh thank you so much pootle. i didn't know that there's 1.1. i downloaded pfsense twice and the only available for download is 1.0.1.

    anyways, i tried the 1.2 beta 2. what beta are you using? i hope the beta 2 will be stable although i really haven't used any pfsense yet. i'm a virgin pfsense user  ;D