Multi WAN single LAN (help)

  • Hi everyone. So here is the deal… I have 1 Leased line and 4 aDSL lines connecting in a single switch. This switch connects also to a bigger switch where also client PC's connect to and also the pfsense server. Assuming I have a local IP range I managed to NAT them to my 128 IPs from the Leased Line IP range my provider gave me. Now the deal is that I am looking for a way to redirect HTTP traffic, Downloads traffic and whatever else it comes up to the aDSL lines I have. For example Http traffic to adsl(1) line, utorrent traffic to adsl(2) line, skype to adsl(3) line etc...

    Any suggestions on how to?

    Thanks in advance!

  • i'm guessing the would have to be a router/gateway in between your clients and the WAN interface to direct your traffic. This could possibly be handled by pfsense or some other device.
    This router would also be responsible for redirecting traffic to the WAN you choose

  • Yes, i wondering if this is possible with pfsense without any other device.

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